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Our laboratory focuses on the study of cross talk between genetic and environmental risk factors with parituclar emphasis on beta amyloid and apoE4 and the effects thereon of lipida.

Michaelsons group is the leading European specialist for ApoE in dementia mouse models. They have available the latest knock-in mice in all the different allelic variations as well as the KO and transgenic mice. They have established a very large variety to address neuropathological changes including various stimuli. It is known that education is a risk reducing factor in dementia in humans and using the enriched environment scheme Michaelson was able for the first time to demonstrate in vivo that a part of the ApoE 4 dependent pathology is actually dependent on neurogenesis or cognitive input. This lab therefore provides currently the only experimental setting world wide available in which the diets can be tested in the animal in a setting that tries to approximate the human situation. Moreover, the only non-transgenic mouse model ever developed has been generated by Michaelson and represents today a most suitable tool to study in a small animal model – in a short time frame – the aspects of amyloid plaque formation and disintegration on the individual mouse levels at the endogenous genetic background.

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